How to connect to the unfamiliar

December 18, 2009

“Tell me about visiting another place…” I ask of others.  With these interviews I bring my camera to a landmark site and record a local resident telling of an experience from their travels, of being somewhere else.  These videos are an example of one way to try to get a handle on a place. In them, we the viewers are subverted from each actual experience by a lack of corroborating imagery. In fact, we are led astray by richly loaded backgrounds that tempt us with alternative associations, as well as an insistence on third person language. What we are hearing does not match what we are seeing – a technique composed to confound. A way of using insider/outsider meanings to begin unpacking the complex interrelationships of a place, and a particular history, fluid, and subject to changing cultural influences over time.

Rome in Los Angeles, Mexico City in Paris, London in Prague, New York in Moscow, Edinburgh in Shanghai, Rio de Janiero in London,

3 Channel Installation

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