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In the digital age, as opportunities for communication and travel (virtual or actual) increases on a global scale, so too does our interconnectedness and the possibility for exchange. In “One Place to Another,” I explore this interaction based on the premise that the traveler acts as observer. In the position of tourist even the ordinary is reflected in the light of the unfamiliar.

SE Barnet, "Ulster Museum" (2006) archival pigment print

SE Barnet, “Ulster Museum” (2006) archival pigment print

Using this model of tourism as a mode for looking outside oneself, I explore the schism between varying conceptions and interpretations. For  “Ulster Museum,” I begian with a photograph that emphasizes the museum’s amalgam of modern and classical architecture. I then overlay my own digitized drawings on top of the existing structures as imaginings for a possible extension. My act of mark making in the landscape questions who is doing the looking and points to disjuncture of ideas over time.

SE Barnet, "Travel Office (in)" (2007) archival pigment print

SE Barnet, “Travel Office (in)” (2007) archival pigment print

SE Barnet, "Travel Office (out)" (2007) archival pigment print

SE Barnet, “Travel Office (out)” (2007) archival pigment print

In another work, a two part piece entitled Travel Office, two photographs of a travel agency are taken from different vantage points, one looking in and one looking out. The difference in perspectives calls attention to distinction between inside and outside, here and there. Similarly “In Keen and Quivering Ratio,” a short film in which I alternately point the camera at myself and towards my own ephemeral observations, is an attempt to capture an internal experience visually. Through watching myself in the act of looking I attempt to blur the line between internal and external.

SE Barnet, still from "In Keen and Quivering Ration" 30 minute digital video

Review of  “One Place To Another” by Shana Nys Dambrot

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