When you drive it out one door, it gets in through another

September 16, 2009

 10/09/09 midnight

10/09/09 midnight - photo by David Buob

Over the first week of September I was fortunate enough to be included in a remarkable experience. As part of the UQBAR organised Transient Spaces summer camp in Palanga, Lithuania, I participated in the Cesare Pietroiusti led workshop Displacements. Below is a short description of our process, a providential and generous series of events.

The first day of our workshop we went to the old, abandoned Cultural Centre of Palanga and we found and collected several fragments of old 35 mm film.

We also recorded the silence of the empty space of the abandoned theatre.

We brought the found materials to the Cinema Naglis where we had it assembled and,
on Sept 10, 2009, presented publicly.
A large part of the found film came from a film titled “Wings”, directed by Larisa Shepitko, and written by Valentin Ezhov and Natalyia Ryzantesva; year of production 1966 (Russia) – for a synopsis see: www.imdb.com/title/tt0061196/
A small section came from a Russian film maybe titled SOS, and directed by Valanka in the year 1967. There are probably other fragments belonging to other films we could not identify

On the same day, at midnight Eric Von Robertson aka C.A.R.L. returned the assembled fragments in this box, along with the present documentation of our process.

When you drive it out one door, it gets in through another
final event of the workshop “Displacements”, tutor Cesare Pietroiusti; participants: Agnieszcka Roguski, Alex Auriema, Anna-Sophie Springer, David Buob, Egle Micikeviciute, Eric Von Robertson, Felix Marlowe, Georgios Papadopoulos, Katarzyna Perlak, Katy Beinart, Laura Garbstiene, Manuel Prados Sanchez, Manuela Buttiglione, Nico Angiuli, Saulius Leonavicius, Susan Barnet, Susan Schmidt, Timea Oravecz, Valentina Vetturi

Transient Spaces – The Tourist Syndrome
Palanga, Sept. 4-10, 2009

Pro vienas duris isveji, pro kitas ilenda
When you drive it out trough one door, it gets in through another

(English translation of subtitles by Laura Garbstiene)

woman and man by a table
Pasa, give me a kettle as present.
Are they bringing a kettle to the museum for you? – No.
They are lugging bones to me. Look, is it
Are you tired? I will go away soon.
I send away a guy from the school today.
Maybe Tania?
at school
Stop them, turn back
It is a shame for me to hold Honorary diploma after that.
You all of us, scool did compromised!
I was not involved… – shut up.
When you drive it out trough one door, it gets in through
Enjoy a rare specimen.
Shut up. Stand up as appropriate.
Did you started to beat girls?
And Bystriakov shall stay.
Go out, all of you!
And how Bystriakov did get here?
what is going on here?
Take it.
Give me it for a present.
We have saved our turn. Bystriakov, confirm.
why are you snicking out of your turn.
I am sick radiculitis.
Vladimir Danilovi(, would you invite me for a
They give us Honorary diploma.
Is that Nadezda? – We saw already.
Where is Nadezda? – She is left already.
Aunty, let us in. There is our director talking.
what she is saying?
how meny medals?
in a room
I’ll call you tomorrow. – Okey.

watch video of the screening by David Buob

2 Responses to “When you drive it out one door, it gets in through another”

  1. Sounds like Lithuania was a great place to be this summer…. I took part in the Art Strike Biennial in the south of the country (Alytus) a few weeks before you headed to the north… Here’s my report on what I experience down south:


  2. sebarnet Says:

    Stewart you were displaced to Palanga as well. When Valentinas Klimasauskas showed us slides of Lenin statues there you were, solemnly aside Stone Lenins, looking down on us.

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