MO film shoot

November 24, 2013

The amazing Fernando León-Guiu and France Leon filmed team proof-reading a transcribed day diary from the Mass Observation archive. Extraordinary camera work from Michelle Deignan!SONY DSCMOfilmstills03 MOfilmstills02 

from Five Years Gallery in London July 6-14

Documentation of Transcribing, Editing and team Proof-reading texts from the 1937-38 Mass Observation archive. The Day Surveys selected are from contributors who worked with text daily; translators, transcribers, typists, clerks, journalists, etc. As part of a contemporary archive, contributions from a call made in 2012, on the 75th anniversary of Mass Observation’s first publication,were on display.






















* This line of text comes from the Day Survey of J. Axton on 12th August, 1937

The exhibition of General title given by myself* offers a look at the production of text towards its dissemination into the public sphere. Throughout the duration of this exhibition activities of Transcribing, Editing, and Proof-reading will be performed in the space of the gallery. These are removed from the contemporary arena of the digital age and executed through techniques from the early 20th century to coincide with the source-work.

The starting point for all this activity comes from the Day Surveys of 1937-1939 from the Mass Observation archive. These day-long diaries describe in detail the everyday lives of self-selecting correspondents who contributed the documents to the collection. Within the archive, their words became pictures as they were scanned for digital presentation. The result of the activity within General title given by myself returns these pictures of words back into marks on a page.

* This line of text comes from the Day Survey of J. Axton on 12th August, 1937

photo by Kaz from his exhibition floating world

photo by Kaz

On 15 June, 2013, from 12 – 6pm I read an essay from Allan Kaprow’s  Essays on the Blurring of Art and Life selected to coincide with the initial installation Always Untitled by Kaz from his exhibition floating world

photo by Kaz

photo by Kaz

On 29 June, 2013, from 12 – 6pm I read from The Strange Last Voyage of Donald Crowhurst, a book discovered in the UC Irvine locker of Bas Jan Ader after his disappearance at sea, and also a subject of the Tacita Dean series of art works collectively entitled Disappearance at Sea. This text was selected to coincide with the second installation at floating world including Coming and Going and Nozomi, both by Kaz

photo by Kaz

photo by Kaz

On 6 July, 2013,  from 12 – 6pm I read text from a slide presentation given in 1972 by Robert Smithson on his visit to the Hotel Palenque. This text was read to coincide with the installation Untitled (494) by Kaz and an installation of works by Stefano W. Pasquini’s.

photo by Kaz

photo by Kaz

Read more about floating world here:

Massly Observed tweets

June 18, 2013

MOdrawing01a copy

For the upcoming Banner Repeater exhibition I will be tweeting selected lines of text from the 1937-38 Mass Observation Archive’s Day Surveys on a daily basis. Follow me @BRartreader #masslyobserved.

In the first half of the 20th century a movement called Mass Observation was begun by an artist, a filmmaker and an anthropologist. Through diaries and questionnaires, observers became recorders, capturing the everyday existence of their own lives and the lives of those around them. Working with the archive at The University of Sussex, SE Barnet returns some of these everyday details from back into the community at large, tweeting selected lines of text from the 1937-38 Day Surveys throughout the exhibition.

I’m happy to announce I will be contributing 3 days of Reading to London artist Kaz’ upcoming exhibition floating world at Kingsgate Gallery this summer.

Over the duration of the exhibition period I will be reading aloud to individual viewers of the floating world, giving one to one readings to visitors . These readings create an engagement that occurs within an economy of time and attention. The resulting connection between reader and listener forms a moment of intimacy amongst strangers within a public environment.

In these scenarios the selection of text is based on an offer to read and relay what has not been made time for. The readings, excerpted from texts of contemporary and historical writers and artists, have been specifically selected to correspond to the floating world. Each chosen excerpt offers a deliberate association to the context of the given conditions and surroundings. What is read affords the listener an opportunity to engage with relevant issues and concerns present through the exhibition.

I will be offering readings of related texts on 15, 29 June and 13 July between 12 – 6pm.
If you are in London please come by.

Visual and other pleasures

February 24, 2013

I’ve contributed a short bit on Laura Mulvey’s event at Birkbeck – have a read of it.